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Bad Tips or Trader Thoughts

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Bad Tips or Trader Thoughts

Recently, the forum has seen more and more appeals from citizens who want to understand the basics of making money without getting up off the couch. Young entrepreneurs, having earned an initial capital of $ 200-300 US dollars, are keenly interested in whether it is possible to build on these savings somewhere. So that in a couple of months, you can get some poor DC from your profit from a successful investment and start earning a living by - as an adult. At the same time, these persons are asked to tell in a simple and accessible form about all the intricacies of working on Forex. And, preferably, without unnecessary details that take time from the very process of making money.

I am doing it with pleasure.

Listen here!

The answer is short and distinct. I won't put pressure on intellect, and you can rest assured that there isn't - that isn't. As an experienced trader, I explain to a beginner. It does not work and certainly not complicated and time-consuming! For two months now, as you say, I have been "working" from morning to evening - not a bit tired.

First steps

I got here, like you, by accident. For some reason, I also wanted more money. Maybe age, or perhaps something just inspired. Well, in a word, hit and hit. I look somehow, and some people are fussing about on the computer - they are sharing money. Although the money is mostly foreign. Who earned how much to spend, they ask each other. Before that, I feel a lot of money that they don't already figure out where to put it, they ask for advice. And they whisper something strange - profits, stopcocks, moose, and turkeys have some people walking here. I immediately realized - this is mine, come here! A mile away you can see - the guys are right, serious, in fact, they don't drink, they don't smoke, don't swear, and they don't urinate in the porches, probably. Trade in the market! Money! And all this is called Forex. Everyone has some accounts, and, apparently, large amounts in foreign currency on them. True, some are fake. Demos are called. They are, as it were, but they are not.

Well, of course, I'm to the guys. And they are smart to disgrace, all the time they read books and discuss them for a long time. Maybe this, of course, is not entirely good, but you can tolerate it. Well, nobody will force you. And if they begin to advise kindness - it seems like you need to study, train, etc., etc. - do not listen to anyone, turn off the computer and go somewhere else to another room. For reliability, you can pull it out of the socket and throw it with a rag. In the meantime, they will calm down. Then you will again tie it to electricity and begin to chop cabbage unmeasured. And God forbid you to start reading yourself. It is most unpleasant. One book, another - and there you'll start to think, don't bring the Lord!

In short, I also opened a demo account. It will have to be done, whatever one may do, to master the trading mechanism. By the way, the trade itself is intelligently called trading, and the one who trades is called the trader. In no case, be confused with a grader. Although it sounds similar, but not that. A grader is such a sizeable self-propelled piece of iron, and a trader - quite the contrary, practically does not walk, sits more. We will have to remember. You cannot start trading without this.

I picked the so-called. Trading platform for almost a week. So what? It turned out that it was an utterly crude product. It was severely flawed - there were a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles (some tickets, orders, candles, curves, etc., sorry, turbidity.). But it was necessary - to make only two buttons (buy-sell) and to the right of them in large numbers the winnings. The buttons should be multi-colored and with some kind of picture to make it easier to remember. A sharp bell or siren is also desirable to indicate the moment of receipt of, especially large amounts. You can use loud music to your taste.

About a week later, judging by the profit, I could already rest for a couple of months on the shore of a large reservoir.


And then it dawned on me for the second time - you should not lose time! The thing to do! Urgent open a real account! Every hour turned into lost hundreds of unconditional units. But first, some issues had to be resolved.

The first is where to trade, which office to start? The company must undoubtedly be solid, because otherwise, it may not have enough money to pay you your salary in fairness and in full. A lawsuit is troublesome and long. And starting a new business right away with a scandal is also not good. Better to wait a bit.

The second question - no less important - how to manage money? Immediately purchase real estate on the islands or invest in production? Or maybe back to Forex? What part to declare to the wife? Enough or a quarter? Whether to give gifts to the wife's parents, in particular, the so-called mom? Or is it better not to worry about her? A person may not be able to withstand a sharp change in views on the professional suitability of a lawful son-in-law.

Well, minor technical issues - like the convenient location of the bank, where you have to carry the money, their packaging, security, and other minor details.

Yes. I almost forgot! It was necessary somewhere to take the initial capital, even if only for a few days until you win it back.

At this stage, unfortunately, I made several mistakes, which are then very difficult to fix, so I warn you.

For successful work on Forex, it is necessary to withdraw as much as possible of the money resources in advance under various pretexts from the family budget. While doing this secretly and without leaving any financial traces. Attempts subsequently to appeal to relatives and friends about understanding a completely unexpected situation are unpromising. Arguments like: "Darling, I'll return everything with thunder-and-hellish profit, be patient a little - it's not long left," or to her dad and mother: "Why do you need a car, you still ride me, freaks!" - For some reason, they don't roll, skidding on the thick ice of mistrust and suspicion. At a minimum, these intimate conversations result in nervous breakdowns on both sides and the call of several medical assistants. But, most likely, if the state of health of the mother-in-law does not help her leave immediately and painlessly where it should be, at the first attempt to comprehend the essence of the proposal made, then your already endangered health may not allow you to refine it to recognition by the largest exchanges in the world.

And altogether, this creates some discomfort in the development of a new Forex strategy and tactics and slightly reduces the pleasure of the process of making big money.

Therefore, the first rule - preparatory work for successful work is carried out only quietly, covertly, and, if possible, at night.

Briefly about the technology of removing money from the family. You, as a student, should already be well aware of how to make pocket money from your parents. But when it comes to the real case, you can't get by with small handouts. It's better to immediately proudly throw them in the face of the stupid ancestors under an angry rebuke about the unbearable humiliation in which you have been living for 20 (30, 40) years. It needs hardness and scope that matches your goals. The same 200 North American rubles that you mentioned at the beginning do not fit into the basic principles of the Big Game called Forex. We may talk about them, and if they don't trample me from the forum, we'll talk later.

To get started, you need at least a few times the amount. Of course, if you want to somehow stretch the pleasure, at least until the moment when you, already as a real trader, get inspired. And the accumulated experience in an inner voice tells you that it wasn't a bad idea to meddle. Sorry, but with a sum of $ 200, you don't have time to understand this.

So, we demand money! We don't stop here. You can talk about the nits-teacher (Ivanov, Petrov, Vogelson, and even better than everyone else), demanding large bribes for the offset in physical education from all without exception, even with a gym cleaner and such invalids on your head like you. And at the same time, warn that fighting is useless and needs to be given.

It is admitted that when, for the first time in your life, you accidentally and without desire, on the advice of your senior comrades, just tried to thrash about at the next entrance, riot out of nowhere, riot police, and roughly cut off your quiet gatherings. And there were 20 men in helmets and body armor, but for four months without a salary. You can weave a romantic story that your girlfriend, with whom you, soul in soul, lived perfectly since you were 12 years old, all of a sudden, for no reason, filed a rape application against you and now also requires a lot of money. Well and things like that, come up with something yourself touching in that spirit. The final amount is important here. One thing is bad - if suddenly one of the above happens, you will need a double portion of subsidies. How much sympathy your dad and mom will show you, I can't predict. If finally, nothing happened at all, then there is no other choice but to go to work. Ugh - he said, and he became unwell.

In any case, the second rule - the initial amount for successful work should significantly exceed your financial capabilities.

A few more words about the preparation.

The basic principles, which I have already mentioned, fully apply to people who are more mature and even already held, unless they have their account. But several nuances do not go beyond the designated trade corridor. In particular, in my opinion, one should not begin the enrichment process with the sale of household items of large sizes, cars, furniture, TVs, etc. At the initial stage, try to do without this extreme. Firstly, the lack of a kitchen set will most likely be noticed and may lead your household to premature bad thoughts and suspicions. Secondly, you may need all this in the process of the work itself. Try to start with things that no one else uses. In this case, high-quality car audio equipment, good watches, books, fishing tackle, shotguns, etc. will do. For sale, purebred pets of neighbors at home or in the country can come up. I must warn you that even in the initial hype, you should not sell a computer. Later, you will understand why. In the end, men can be reduced to an acceptable minimum number of lovers, and women can increase the number of lovers to an indecent maximum. I would not recommend such extreme measures as reducing the amount of alcohol consumed without first consulting with an experienced therapist and psychiatrist. Everything should be a measure.

Hence the third rule - distribute the forces along the entire length of the distance. Wherever she leads, and no matter how short she later appears.

In my case, there were no particular difficulties. The entire initial deposit was spent according to my article of the family budget - "Unforeseen expenses during the construction of the house." These included: transportation and operation of a tower crane for mounting a doghouse roof, eight-layer painting of foundation blocks with imported materials to increase wear resistance, digging a channel and laying wireless Internet, etc. Since there were no builders in the family, the operation to withdraw money was carried out lightning-fast and without complications. Thus, I managed to leave in reserve a lot of useful and expensive things, and my wife began to get nervous much later. My mistake was that I slightly hurried to warn her that now there will be a lot of money in the house. They will come exclusively by wire with the frequency of interruptions in the supply of hot water. And that, in connection with these good changes, she can look after herself something from the dishes for the eighth of March.

Everything is ready

Well, let's say that all difficulties are overcome with honor. The company is selected, the bank is found, the money is raised.

Fortunately, the bank ended up in a practically neighboring house, which saved me from having to go to any England or far away.

I'm coming. Everything shines and sparkles in the operating room. Glass and marble. The people of no one. For some reason, he's climbing into his head: "And which ones are being asked ...? What nonsense! And here, Forex? Or maybe ...? No, it's late. Forex is calling! "

Almost with pride, I dictate to a pleasant, smiling girl behind a glass partition the details of the English partner of the company with which I can already say work. I take it out with a beautiful gesture and hand it over to a small, but still, a bundle of foreign money. All!

The girl takes the money and continues to smile. Or is it starting now? I do not understand. And why am I nervous. Why is she rocking? And teeth in six rows like. They take these to work with people! I watch closely through the Glass as she, with her 43rd size hands, brazenly grabs my money from the table and sends it somewhere to the right and down. I don't see them anymore — you bastard. Well, to hell with them!

Yeah, damn, no matter how. Not ten bucks, after all. Maybe it will cost? And if not? Beasts all! Okay. Let's trade.

Money appears on the account by the evening of the next day. Until you cheated. I admire the honesty and credulity of the company, which I have already been sentenced to ruin. Poor things. Well, nothing, somehow settle down.

Tomorrow begins a new life.

All night passes in the latest refinements of the strategy and tests of the Internet. In the morning, you drive away to a safe distance everyone who can plug your breadwinner's wire into the socket (remember, he said - do not sell). And strictly warn that applications for using the computer will now be considered only closer to Saturday. On this day, at all, the largest financial exchanges with which you cooperate, a day off. In this regard, you have planned a manual recount of all the money earned during the week and unloaded on Friday. To the children's questions "Can I play on the computer for half an hour?", You need to affectionately, but firmly answer this way: "Now dad will earn you and your mom money, then you can play as much as you want. Go read something." Gradually, your child will become the smartest and most well-read in the classroom, and maybe at school, if you spend some time.

It is clear that to start trading without a strategic plan and methods for its implementation in such a difficult area as the global financial market is the same as playing blind man's blast on a minefield. Noisy and fun, but not for long. Only having mastered the ancient secrets of trading skills can count on an acceptable result for you. Some dubious sources refer to books, various courses, etc. At first, you can get nervous and succumb to these provocations. I admit that I almost got on this slippery path. Glory to God, the Lord took. Therefore, to avoid mental disorders due to overwork from reading difficult books. I go to meet you and offer for free a proven system that I developed for beginning traders. But which can be successfully used by those who have already served a funeral service for more than one deposit? Of course, my system is not too simple, but it can be mastered with a certain regularity of classes in just 3-4 weeks. And this is not fiction! (There should be my photos - on the left - before, on the right - after).


So, I turn to the description.

Open the trading platform, for example, MetaTrader. Prepare the workplace in the settings whoever you like. For example, I have 12 chart windows open, each of which is given a certain color, depending on the direction of the price movement at a certain stage. Up, down and to the side. These directions have their smart names, but they are useless for a real trader. We procure in the settings the so-called. Templates and change them on the charts as the situation changes. If you have nothing to do, create several templates with different sets of indicators. That is, as a result, we get a set of templates in which the color of the chart with different indicators and ways of price displays (all kinds of candles, bars, lines) is laid. For example, the pattern "Down-1", "Up-2", "Side-8". Thus, while working, opening different templates, you can easily and quickly adjust the chart window by your color preferences, the desire to dig deeper with your favorite set of unnecessary tools, and the medical type of weather. (For those who nevertheless follow the curve of the road of training and training, the platform still has a lot of misunderstandings, but I won't talk about them. Understand it yourself). After that, you can get to work.
We select the currency pair to be traded. Here, too, complete freedom and a matter of taste. I suggest starting with the Australian dollar. A good choice for a beginner - lots are solid and heavy, like a kangaroo. You can get rich in a flash. Only you need to invest as much money as possible, preferably the entire deposit immediately.
Use the mouse to crack the pressure on the selected source of profit until the "New Order" window appears, that is, an order to the broker. A broker is such a dark, suspicious type; some insist that he is English. So he, at your command, allegedly runs according to friends' money to change.
And then you need to decide - do something then? Buy or sell? Which button to poke? Frankly, the dog knows him. It is not known to us. You can already be nervous at this place. And you start to get upset because headaches about the trade-in kangaroo meat were not included in your plans. Some people in these cases suggest throwing the last coin, guessing on medical charts, pouring coffee grounds on the keyboard, and generally using all sorts of unconvincing, unscientific means. All this is nonsense and obscurantism. You won't get rich on such nonsense. This is where the radical superiority of the system I propose over others is manifested — nothing to decide. And do not devour unpacked pills for a headache. For you already thought! Now attention!
At the moment the "new order" window appears, you quickly turn off the TV from the computer (do not touch the computer itself). And in complete darkness on the screen, you begin to chase the mouse in circles on the rug, simulating the run of the demented relatives of your mouse from the shovel of a drunk summer resident. At the same time, quickly and quickly clap the left button. The procedure can last from a dozen seconds to several tens of minutes, depending on the physical fitness of the trader and his experience. More is hard. But the longer you trade in this way, the more likely you are to get the cursor into one of the two buttons mentioned above on the screen off. For professionals, this operation is called - to open a position. In other words, as you pat, you'll burst. In any case, your knowledge and perseverance should be rewarded, and, in the end, you get somewhere. After that, it is permissible for a novice trader to turn on the monitor for a while to make sure that the position is open. If necessary, the procedure is repeated. Experienced players do not need this. It is enough for them to decide how the position will be named - short-term, medium-term, or long-term, and, by the chosen name, return to the computer after a certain time to control the number of winnings.
According to the system, a novice player (less than two years of experience) is required to turn off the computer, to collect the most necessary personal belongings, quickly leave the premises and go down to the nearest bomb shelter after being certified to start the trading mechanism. Unless, of course, you foolishly did not call the position short, that is, short-term. In this case, you should sit still without looking, staring at the monitor, and wait for someone to call you to withdraw cash from the inside voice. If, as a result of the manipulations described above, for some reason, it seemed to you that you stood in the so-called. Long, then for you, it would be preferable to leave the village, and in some cases, temporarily emigrate. Believe me, and I won't advise you of the bad, the greater the distance between you and the trading platform, the cleaner and faster the proposed system will work. If you are near the cash register, then your inept actions will only prevent the profit from growing to the planned size, although this is already your problem. Believe my experience, such small tricks as throwing out safety plugs from the power supply system at home, shredding the computer's power cord, not to mention trying to do some homework, have not brought anyone a positive result. After 15 minutes, in the best case, after half an hour, despite the perfect petty wrecking and terrible oaths to himself - do not go to the computer! - You will again be sitting in front of the monitor and, muttering inaudibly, trying to extract unexpected superprofits, interfering with the work of a finely tuned system. And you don't understand a damn about it.

Remember - you are not a developer, and there is nothing to climb where they do not ask. You can't improve anything anyway. I warn you, and it will be even worse!

I foresee that there may be malicious and envious critics of the proposed method. Do not listen to anyone. Step forward only to you, the known road. Feel free to follow the instructions, and in a few days, you will achieve what the vast majority of traders painfully crawl for months. I will not argue that the system is polished to the smallest detail and cannot be improved. It is doubtful, but it is still possible that I missed something, and over time, someone will improve it. Probably, I will be able to do this, having more than my allocations for scientific research. But now it is no worse than other developments that bring the same result, only much more slowly. In the end, do not like it - go to hell, look for another. I generally can not develop anything.

Okay, I'm not offended, move on.


Taste of victory
Suppose you, using my experience and recommendations, naturally won on the first day. Here you begin to guess that only trained dolphins can compare with you in terms of intelligence. Several long-standing cases come to mind when the teachers and neighbors several times noted that you, only with the help of a nail and nippers, completely restored the electric circuit of the iron. It's okay, it's just a short-term slight malaise. At this stage, this is normal and does not require medical intervention.

I admit that some will play on other systems and also win a little bit, although this is unlikely. But suppose you are lucky too.

You begin to proudly walk around the apartment with a mysterious look, waiting for a household question about the amount of earned profits. As soon as someone opens his mouth, you drag everyone you find to the monitor and poke your finger sweaty with excitement in the "Profit" column, in which several tens of US dollars appear per day. At the same time, you have enough mind to choke with joy to tell how easily you made them. You can also ask everyone how much time they should spend in their factory (hospital, institute, in transition) to earn a lot of money. Stop and never do it! You make several mistakes right away. First - now everyone will know where to look and, you can be sure, they will certainly take advantage of this at the most inopportune moment. When there will be nothing interesting there except fatty minuses. The second - revealing the secrets of successful trading, you run into the fact that in Forex, everyone who is not lazy will break, including the mother-in-law and the talking budgies that have become stupid from your advertising campaign. And the global financial market is not rubber; it may not be enough for everyone.

Also, it is not recommended in the early days of successful work to rush around the household with stories about how successfully you noticed a trend, recognized cyclicality, saw a reversal in time, and skillfully used wave theory. At first, they will listen to you even with interest. Then they will tactfully keep silent, then hide in the bathroom, having heard that you are crawling away from the computer, vacuuming something loudly and rudely, and finally, they will start shamelessly interrupting with stupid questions and suggestions to go for bread. If you do not own yourself, tell us about your exploits for the child at night. Children usually like to fall asleep under stories about the prospects of work in the financial markets. The worst part is that when you suddenly shut up, responsive relatives learn something was wrong and in a tough form, will demand a report on the work done with all the relevant evidence of the existence of the amount entrusted to you. And in the first scandal, you will be drawn into the unprepared. To avoid serious accidents, those who will try to play based on all sorts of analyzes and other absurdities, I recommend several demo accounts in parallel with the real news. It is a great way to get out of a difficult situation in which you will inevitably find yourself. At any time, you can present a decent score with the correct numbers. Out of a dozen or two, for sure, at least one will be with a positive result. For some time, delay the retribution for stubbornness and conservatism.

The first days of work, in most cases, pass in a pleasant nervous excitement with jumping, clapping, and squeezed yelps. The whole family trembles quietly, trying to recognize rare luck or irreparable grief in these sounds, look at each other, but show understanding and tries not to bother you with anything. Once again, you are convinced how lucky you are with parents, wife, children, friends, neighbors, and other unfamiliar people. So, in songs and dances, the first section takes place. But all pleasant gifts of fate, as a rule, are followed by payment invoices.


Once you decide that it is time to play for real and, as it should be for a serious trader, put a half-deposit kangaroo in your bag. Well. When you come to your senses a little, you hardly understand that all this time, you stupidly, without moving, watched how Escherichia coli prices multiplied on the chart in the very wrong direction, where they should have been by all signs. Subtly notice such an interesting detail as the absence of any stop-cranes on the chart. And you didn't put them. By the way, why? I have not taught you this: do not slander. The ability to move your hands returns to you, although the swollen brain does not yet have time for them. The first thing you do is masterly manage to close a position exactly one second before the price turns around and goes in your direction. Congratulations! Why are you so red? Is something wrong? In this situation, you have the full and deserved right to use all the wealth of the great and the mighty. It remembers everyone who has at least some relation to financial markets, the organization of DCs, the development of trading platforms, and money, as such, in general. All? Have you forgotten anyone?

At this moment, as expected, the wife enters the room and tries to demonstrate a new blouse. Sit! Phew! Attention! Keep yourself in control. Since you have managed to marry such a fool, be generous and patient. It is not necessary to yell at once that instead of squandering money left and right, it would be better to look for a higher-paying job. Try to gently explain to the person that you are not making money at all to spend it. And let him go and think about it. The proportion of guilt of relatives in your troubles is very high. I would say - criminally great. They constantly distract, whisper among themselves, rattle on the carpet with slippers, call me to eat three times a day, and every now. And then they climb with idiotic offers to relax. We must endure. They will still come in handy. And then this is not a disaster! Half of the money is still intact.

Just change tactics. And everything will work out. Right now, get started. Change boldly, and more often!

Only in this way will you have time to practice different trading methods until you find the only right way to make money somewhere on the side. Enter the market by signals of indicators, clicks of analysts, forecasts of shamans, and just from the bulldozer. Get into it at the U-turns, in the opposite direction, after it, on breakdowns, from above, from below, from any position of the Kama Sutra. The result is not long in coming. And even normal, healthy people have temporary difficulties.

Oddly enough, but the difficulties can be lasting. We must be prepared for this.

At this stage, try to pay more attention to the family. Ask how you are doing at home. Offer your help to everyone and in everything. Try to get the support of as many relatives as possible while you are perceived as such. Who knows who you can rely on at the final stage of work. Although some of the support team can be immediately excluded. Whose car did you want to sell there? The only creature you can rest assured of is your dog, if you have one, of course. If not, make an urgent call. In extreme cases, a noble animal will cease to respect you and give you a paw, but will never betray you (although it will not lend you money either). The rest are all on suspicion. Therefore, go to grocery stores, clean carpets, walk your dog, take out the trash, etc. By the way, taking out the trash can, you can accidentally make useful contacts among regular visitors to the trash. In the future, you may need them.

In the meantime, we continue our experiments.

Penultimate stage

Surprisingly, an endless change of tactics and all sorts of techniques does not bring the proper result. The deposit evaporates at the rate of spilled acetone. Your optimism has already evaporated and does not even smell. To turn the tide, you are missing something.

Gradually, you begin to understand that the reason for your protracted failures of the last month on Forex lies not in your mistakes (because you did everything right anyway). But in the machinations of the very company that you chose as a victim. According to completely objective calculations, it should have been rolled into asphalt for a long time under the weight of financial losses from your busy activities. Only the infamous, dishonest tricks in the form of drawing all kinds of hairpins, delays in quotes, slippage, accrual of mind-blowing swaps, and other meannesses allow her to stay afloat somehow and extend her worthless miserable life. Bringing the bastards to clean water for some time becomes the main goal of your life. The process is so fascinating and noble that trade itself fades into the background. And rightly so, it's not about the money. Not everything is sold and bought as you wish. You have already figured it out. There are more important things. Moreover, there is nothing left to trade.

In a strong and bright desire for the triumph of justice, you can use any minor dirty tricks. And let the money back. At least a part. Well, how many do not mind. You can write where you want, you can arrange a brawl on the forum, you can go to the office itself and admit that you lost public funds, and even better "public" funds, and that now you have two roads - either for trial or for ice. Also, this "society" is very specific, and at the same time, you can easily and specifically organize unpleasant memories for all employees of the company, including freelancers. Unless, of course, you can remember anything at all. In short, rest on sympathy, break a tear, but with a poorly hidden threat in your voice. Yes, you never know what is now possible. Please try, experiment. Do not catch up, so at least keep warm.

But I would recommend paying attention to the legal side of this matter. For example, did you read the contract? Read! Are you signed up? Signed up! Did you have the right? Why are you silent? And if you are not in yourself since childhood? Nobody checked it. Go to the district psychiatrist, explain the situation, and beg for a certificate stating that you are bad from birth and not only sign some papers. But it is forbidden to take them into your hands by the Great Khural. And there is no question of money. You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly the doctor, entering the course of business, will meet you. And he won't even take the money. In general, do not be discouraged. Although, maybe it's time.

But, most likely, your free program will not impress anyone and end in nothing. Money bye-bye! Do you know how many smart people? Therefore, get ready to make a decision - either stop by saying goodbye to the crystal dream of any normal person to earn a lot, while not working, or continue futile creeps in the same direction. I would recommend continuing. Is it worth it to despair because of ridiculous accidents! It happens to everyone? Well now, hang yourself? They don't even think! Look around - how many wonderful and wonderful things in the world! And the refrigerator, and the TV, and the VCR and many other almost new belongings. And all this can be sold. Someone, for sure, needs these things to the point. What about friends? Won't they help out in difficult times and help by taking your "heavily used trash" at half price? Do not hesitate to help. And they will even offer to continue to seek help only to them.

And then, it is not at all possible that for the first time you will be able to do without organizing an exhibition-sale at home.

But if you are a persistent and purposeful person, and even the most intelligent and confident, you have every chance to return a little later to the issue of selling a home second-hand. And so what's next. Each in his way. Although I personally still trade. True, sometimes you have to use other people's developments. But only to prove their failure.

Last farewell to the future professional

Well, think about it? If - yes, then stick your 200 bucks far away until playing virtual millions. You will understand that you are almost independent of the case and can earn money, albeit little by little, but constantly. And this, however disgusting to admit, takes time and a desire to learn. But this is not for me.

And if everything that you have just read does not bother you, use this as a user guide. And go ahead! Just don't have to look for me later to thank me. I was glad to help just like that.

In any case, - good luck! Well, then - decide for yourself.